Signal Processing, Hardware


Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL 670 Compressor

Over the years, many have tried to reproduce the sound of the classic Fairchild 670 compressor, but none has taken it to the level of Anthony DeMaria Labs' new ADL 670 Compressor. The unit is hand-built and matched part-for-part with the original—the same switches, tubes and specs—to perfectly reproduce the sound of the original.
95 Dubois Rd.
New Paltz, NY 12561
845/256-0023; fax 845/255-3202

Apex Intelli-Q Real-Time System Optimizer

The Apex Intelli-Q is a digital problem-solver for live sound engineers. Optimizer comprises two identical channels—each featuring graphic, parametric and shelving EQ, high- and lowpass filters, dual-band compressor, output limiter and variable delay—that may be linked for stereo use. The software supports remote control of up to 16 units from hardwired or radio remote PC, with storage and instant recall of scenes and setups.
52 Bosdel
Genk, Belgium 3600
(+3) 208/930-6313

Ashly DPX-100

The DPX-100 combines proven circuitry from the popular MQX Series EQs and CLX Series comp/limiters, featuring a 15-band graphic EQ and full-function comp/limiter, all in a single rackspace. The EQ section and comp/limiter of the DPX-100 can be used independently or chained in series. The dynamics section uses peak-detection circuitry and has individual controls for gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release and output level.

Ashly DPX-200

The DPX-200 combines proven circuitry from our popular PQX Series EQs and CLX Series compressor/limiters, featuring a 4-band parametric EQ and full-function compressor/limiter, all in a single-rackspace. The EQ section and compressor/limiter of the DPX-200 may be used independently or chained together in series. The EQ section has separate mic and line inputs, and four bands of filtering; there are also two full-bandwidth parametric EQs as well as a low-shelf and high-shelf filter.
847 Holt Rd.
Webster, NY14580
585/872-0010; fax 585/872-0739

CEDAR DNS2000 Dialog Noise Suppressor

The new CEDAR DNS2000 Dialog Noise Suppressor is an automated implementation of its noise-suppression technology, designed specifically for Pro Tools users. Connected to a Pro Tools host system using just a simple USB cable, the DNS2000 processor unit provides the DSP, as well as the 24-bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF I/O for the system. With near-zero latency, 40-bit processing, and a fast, intuitive user interface, it eliminates traffic noise, aircraft, air conditioning, wind, rain, tape hiss and general background noise from recordings and live transmissions. It will even suppress excessive reverb. List: $6,525.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/828-0024; fax 207/773-2422

Crane Song Ibis

"Ibis," the new discrete, Class-A stereo equalizer, has four frequency bands and an adjustable low-cut filter. Also included is a Color function that can be applied to the overall audio path or to an individual frequency range. Each band has a 12dB boost/cut range, adjustable bandwidth from 0.5 octave to 3.5 octaves, and switch-selectable frequencies on musical centers covering full-step intervals. A mastering version is available.
2117 East 5th St.
Superior, WI 54880
715/398-3627; fax 715/398-3279

dbx Professional DriveRack 260

DriveRack 260 is the latest addition to the highly successful DriveRack equalization and loudspeaker-management system. The 260 offers two inputs and six outputs with dual 31-band graphic equalizers on the input with feedback elimination, subharmonic synthesizer, time-alignment delay, various crossovers, compressor/limiters and the included DriveWare" PC GUI interface. The DriveRack 260 is the only product you need between your power amp and mixers.

dbx Professional 2-Series

The dbx 2-Series graphic EQs are available in three different models: Model 131, a single-rackspace, single-channel unit with 31 bands; the 215, a single-rackspace, dual-channel, 15-band; and the 231, a dual-channel 31-band in a two-rackspace chassis. The 2-Series has been designed for the discriminating, yet budget-conscious users.
8760 South Sandy Parkway
Sandy, UT 84070
801/566-8800; fax 801/568-7570

Demeter Tube Direct Gold Anniversary Edition

Since 1981, the Original Tube Direct by James Demeter has been the standard by which all other direct boxes have been judged. Now, to celebrate its more than 20 years in production, we are offering a limited-edition Tube Direct, hand-signed and numbered by James Demeter. Still featuring the classic design with Jensen transformers, used by George Massenburg, Al Schmitt, Lyle Lovett, The Who, CSNY and many others, it comes in a new gold box. James Demeter will be signing units to be picked up at the Demeter booth at AES.
15730 Stagg St.
Van Nuys, CA 91406
818/994-7658; fax 818/994-0647

Drawmer Tube Station 1

The TS1 combines a Class-A Drawmer preamp with stereo soft-knee Drawmer tube compressor and a 24-bit/96k digital converter for a warm analog path with wide dynamic range and higher digital resolution. Performs as an excellent stereo tube compressor for fattening mixes or as dedicated voice or instrument channel preamp/compressor. Used as a channel strip, the HF contour control and variable highpass filter (25-250 Hz) bring new definition, presence, and clarity to vocals or acoustic guitar. Retail: $749; the digital output option is $249.
Dist. by Transamerica Audio
4760 W. Dewey Dr., #129
Las Vegas, NV 89118
702/365-5155; fax 702/365-5145

Eventide Orville Option Boards

These two option boards allow Eventide's flagship Orville processor to have a full digital input/output section, with eight channels of AES/EBU running at up to 96 kHz with 24 bits, including sample-rate conversion. The second option board brings an ADAT optical connection allowing eight channels of 24-bit digital audio (or four channels at 96 kHz, using the S/MUX standard), and an Ethernet connection to facilitate high-speed communication with a host computer for downloading VSIG algorithms, etc. Prices TBD.

Eventide Retro Algorithm Cards

These expansion cards for Orville/DSP7500/DSP7000 exactly re-create the classic Eventide DSP4000 Series effects processors. Running on the current flagship series Harmonizer effects processors, the retro cards allow customers access to classic old-school Eventide sounds. Series includes DSP4000, DSP4500, GTR4000, GTR-II and DSP4000B.
One Alsan Way
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201/641-1200; fax 201/641-1640

Groove Tubes The DITTO Box

DITTO (Direct Input Tube Transformer Output) is the ultimate DI box and instrument preamp for stage or studio, with isolated balanced low-impedance output for all types of instruments. Provides either unity gain (as a DI), or use the variable output level control for up to 24 dB of all Class-A tube preamp gain! Perfect for directly recording vintage keyboards, electric bass, and acoustic or electric guitars to DAWs. Uses a custom-designed GT output transformer and two specially selected dual-triode Groove Tubes.
1543 Truman St.
San Fernando, CA 91340
818/361-4500; fax 818/365-9884

Joemeek MC2

The MC2 is a 1U, half-rack, photo-optical stereo compressor. This little baby packs the punch of its bigger brothers and offers balanced I/Os on ¼-inch TRS, external power supply and a solid metal housing. The MC2 incorporates an automatic ratio control but offers independent control of compression/threshold, attack and release. In addition, the unit includes inserts for more flexibility. List: $249.99.
Dist. by PMI Audio Group
23775 Madison St.
Torrance, CA 90505
310/373-9129; fax 310/373-4714

Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix Equalizer

The new DN9340 Helix Equalizer from Klark Teknik is a five-mode dual 31-band graphic EQ, a dynamic EQ and a dual 12-band parametric. The two-rackspace Helix includes full-function delay line in both time (milliseconds, microseconds) and distance (feet, inches or meters). An "auto-gain ranging" feature automatically and instantly compensates for gain changes caused by cutting or boosting frequencies, so your EQ curve has no effect on the gain structure of your sound system.
Dist. by Telex Communications
12000 Portland Ave. South
Burnsville, MN 55337
952/736-3901; fax 952/736-4582

Leigh Audio Design Inc. 6+4 DVD-Audio Interface

This high-quality DVD-Audio interface converts the six consumer analog outputs of your DVD player to +4 balanced. Super-low distortion, low noise and crosstalk.
Box 308, 41 Schermerhorn St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lexicon LOGIC7 Version 3.0

Automation and LOGIC7 UpMix Algorithm options are now available for the 960L Multi-Channel Digital Effects System. The Automation option allows program changes, pan moves, parameter adjustments and mutes to be written and played back, synchronized to incoming timecode. An extension of Lexicon's proprietary LOGIC7 technology, the LOGIC7 UpMix Algorithm option creates surround (5-channel) output from stereo (2-channel) input sources. These options are available with Software Version 3.0 and above.

Lexicon 960LS

The 960LS is a stereo version of Lexicon's flagship 960L Multi-Channel Digital Effects System. It comes standard with a LARC2, one DSP card and eight channels of balanced analog I/O. Hardware options include a second DSP card that more than doubles its available processing power, and an AES/EBU Digital I/O card with eight channels. Software options include automation, stereo delays, and additional 96kHz reverbs and multichannel capability. With multichannel capabilities enabled, other options such as surround configurations, surround delays, more 96kHz reverbs and LOGIC7 UpMix are also available.

Lexicon MPX550

The MPX550 is a true-stereo, dual-channel processor with 24-bit internal processing, 24-bit AD/DA and S/PDIF I/O, and Lexicon's exclusive Lexichip. Its 255 carefully crafted presets feature legendary Lexicon reverbs, world-class effects and dynamics. Four Edit knobs, an Adjust control and parameter adjustment graphics make it simple to dial in the desired sound. Other features include a large, graphic front panel display, a built-in digital compressor, Tap Tempo and MIDI Learn Mode.
3 Oak Park
Bedford, MA 01730
781/280-0400; fax 781/280-0490

Manifold Labs Plugzilla

A revolutionary rackmount effects processor that runs any VST plug-in. Starting with Steinberg's standard, and adding a quick, intuitive user interface, stellar audio performance, advanced copy protection, and wrapping it in a slick, quiet 2U package, this product will change your idea of VST plug-ins forever.
433 Liberty Ave.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Princeton Digital Reverb 2016

Princeton Digital's first product, the Reverb 2016, re-creates the legendary reverb algorithms of Eventide's SP2016: Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High-Density Plate. Every aspect of the original effects has been duplicated, including every detail of the user parameters. While the algorithms are identical to the originals, the hardware implementation is state-of-the-art, with features that include 24-bit DSP, 24-bit analog audio I/O, digital I/O and MIDI interface.
433 Liberty Ave.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Quantec Yardstick MC 2404

The Yardstick 2404 is a next-generation room simulator and multi-effects processor based on the original Quantec QRS. The 2404 features 8-channel AES/EBU I/O, 96kHz sampling, bandwidth filter and variable density buildup. Effects include eight delay lines with 40 seconds total delay time, EQ, flanger, chorus, gate and compander algorithms. DSP is provided by a floating-point 32-bit processor. Holds 1,000 onboard presets. Control is via RS-232, MIDI I/O or 10Base-T Ethernet.

Quantec Yardstick MC 2405

The Yardstick 2405 room simulator and multi-effects processor is the analog I/O version of the 2404. The 2405 features an 8-channel AES/EBU I/O, 2-input/4-output balanced analog I/O, 96kHz sampling, a bandwidth filter and variable density buildup. Effects include eight delay lines with 40 seconds total delay time, EQ, flanger, chorus, gate and compander algorithms. DSP is provided by a floating-point, 32-bit processor. Holds 1,000 onboard presets. Control is via RS-232, MIDI I/O or 10Base-T Ethernet.
Dist. by HHB
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
310/319-1111; fax 310/319-1311

Radial Engineering JDV Mk3 Direct Box

Following the original JDV, the Mk3 has the same acclaimed Class-A audio circuit, but adds an ultralow-noise power supply with huge 30V internal rail voltage and almost unmeasurable THD, IM and phase distortion. It lets musicians select between two instruments, drive several amps simultaneously and monitor signals with a tuner. Features include: variable Drag control (adjusts impedance/loading to simulate the effect of amp loading, cable resistance and capacitance), high/lowpass filters, polarity reverse, -15dB pad and ground lift.

Radial Engineering Trim-Set

In situations where many guitar amps are driven from a single guitar, minute volume changes on the amps may be needed to attain a desired balance. Designed for use with Radial's JD7 Injector and JDV direct box, TrimSet is a 3-channel level controller for tweaking the levels going to the amp. The passive Trim-Set's three individual channels have an on/off selector, a level control and a "Slope" control to offset losses from longer cable runs.
1638 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada V3C 5W9
604/942-1001; fax 604/942-1010

SPL PQ 2050 Mastering EQ

Sound Performance Lab's fully parametric, 2-channel, 5-band EQ with pure analog equalization circuitries boasts Supra discrete op amps operating at 120 volts, with a S/N ratio at 116 dB and a dynamic range of 150 dB. Other features include digital memory presets and full recall with motorized controls, constant Q and proportional-Q equalization (selectable per band), channel link and master/slave unit link modes (defeatable in each band). An optional remote-control unit controls up to four PQs for surround processing.
Sohlweg 55
Niederkruechten, Germany 41372
(+4) 921/639-8340

SRS Labs CSE-07/CSD-07

The Circle Surround CSE-07 Encoder enables the encoding of up to 6.1 channels of discrete audio for transmission over low-bandwidth, 2-channel carries, such as broadcast/cable television, streaming media and CD. The Circle Surround CSE-07 Decoder is a "universal" decoder, complete with patented Dialog Clarity and TruBass. It is ideal for the pro monitoring of CS-encoded content, and it will deliver up to 6.1-channel playback from mono, stereo and Lt/Rt-encoded sources.

SRS Labs Broadcast Sports Processor

The BSP is a new, single-ended processor that improves the quality and clarity of mono, stereo or surround broadcast signals. It includes two patented SRS technologies, a stereo synthesizer that simulates realistic stereo from mono source material, and a dialog clarity circuit that elevates an announcer's voice above ambient sounds. The BSP enables sound engineers to enhance mixes by increasing ambient sound effects, such as crowd noise, while preserving voice intelligibility.
2909 Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
949/442-1070; fax 949/852-1099

TC Electronic Reverb 6000

TC Electronic introduces the new Reverb 6000 algorithms for the System 6000. Including ambiences from 16 mono to dual 6.1, Reverb 6000 is an industry first, with new multiformat delay and boundary effects, as well as desirable effects from the past. Reverb 6000, including presets such as DVR-2 Vintage Reverb (EMT-250 emulator), VSS-M4 (multiple mono reverbs), VSS-6.1 (industries first 6.1 reverb), NonLin-2 Reverb, Reflector Multitap Delay and Preset Wizard. Reverb 6000 is a free upgrade for existing System 6000 users.

TC Electronic M300

TC Electronic proudly presents the new M300 Dual Engine Processor, offering quality sound and a straightforward, no-nonsense user interface at an affordable price. The M300 Dual Engine Processor covers virtually any effects application, from P.A. and live to studio and club installs by combining a dedicated true-stereo reverb engine and a multi-purpose effects engine. The true dual-engine design combines 15 stereo reverbs with 15 legendary TC effects. MSRP: $299.
742-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

TC Helicon VoiceOne

The VoiceOne Voice Pitch/Modeling Tool is a breakthrough in vocal technologies and the most advanced and powerful tool ever for audio professionals working with vocals. The broad palette of new dedicated voice tools includes Vocal-Trained Pitch Recognition, Hybrid-Shifting algorithms, Flextime elasticity algorithms, Voice Modeling and full DSP mode for low latency/extended performance. The VoiceOne hardware consists of 24-bit AD/DA converters and S/PDIF digital I/O, and it supports both 44.1k and 48k rates. MSRP: $1,299.
Dist. by TC Electronic
742-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648

TL Audio 5021 Ivory 2 Series

The TL 5021 features hard- and soft-knee modes, four attack and release times, an improved optical gate and an optional digital output. A proprietary transconductance amp design avoids the use of VCAs. Two tube stages per channel, in the form of a Sovtek ECC83/12Ax7A twin-triode tube, are run from a stabilized 150VDC supply. One stage is in the preamp and the other is in the gain control element of the compressor. MSRP: $829.

TL Audio 5051 Ivory 2 Series

The 5051 is a front-end processor combining a preamp, compressor, EQ, noise gate and optional digital output. The compressor section includes hard/soft-knee modes, and the 4-band equalizer section features an improved optical gate. The 5051 has six tube stages, using three twin-triode ECC83/12Ax7A tubes on a stabilized 150VDC power supply. One stage is located in the preamp, one in the compressor gain control circuit and four in the equalizer section. MSRP: $829.
Dist. by HHB
743 Cochran St., Bldgs. E & F
Simi Valley, CA 90365
310/319-1111; fax 310/319-1311