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Signal Processing, Hardware


Focusrite’s newest product, Liquid Mix, is an integrated control surface/plug-in system that provides DSP powerful enough to drive 32 tracks of vintage EQs and compressors simultaneously without taxing the host computer’s CPU. Liquid Mix uses dynamic convolution technology to provide emulations of the most revered signal processors used on hits throughout recording history. Liquid Mix is VST/Audio Units/RTAS-compliant (with included FXpansion wrapper), and works within all major DAWs. AES booth #318.

ALTO DIGAN SERIES: DIGAN equalizers are available in 2×7-band, 2×14-band and 2×30-band configurations. All models may be set as a parametric EQ with variable Q ratings. Time alignment and crossover control are available on the 2×30 version, while other models feature a selectable compressor. Preset parameters can be adjusted and saved with an intuitive PC editor (included). All models are available from The Yorkville Group with retail pricing of $149, $189 and $269, respectively.

API AUDIO API 5500: For recording, mixing and mastering applications, the single-rackspace API 5500 is a 2-channel, all-discrete EQ package. It combines classic features with the reset functionality of the 550D and 550M mastering EQs. Four independent bands of EQ on each channel covers 30 to 20k Hz, and operates with a range control, switching between three choices of boost and cut and switchable LP and HP filters on each channel. AES booth #918.

ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS PROLINX: Prolinx is a fully programmable DSP audio processing, routing and control system. Supports I/O matrix configurations from 12×12 to 96×36. Features 32-bit parallel SHARC processors; USB, Ethernet and RS-485; room combining; true auto-mixing; wired or wireless networking; and graphic EQ at each output.

CEDAR AUDIO CAMBRIDGE Q: Cambridge Q is a powerful, new incarnation of the CEDAR Cambridge system, with four CPUs boasting more than double the processing power of previous versions and many software advances in its Cambridge V. 3 software. With an improved Process Manager and expanded file processing and automation capabilities, it also offers significant upgrades to many of the processing modules, and is a big step forward, whether used in mastering, post or audio forensic investigation. AES booth #1236.

CHANDLER TONE CONTROL: Chandler’s Tone Control EQ uses active and passive EQ circuits with the Germanium amplifier developed for the Germanium Preamp, and also incorporates the versatile feedback and drive controls. The passive LF section is selectable between “Pultec/Lang” interactive curve and more standard low frequency with pass filter for maximum flexibility. The treble and presence bands are active and designed to sound like your favorite British EQs from yesteryear. AES booth #532.

CREST NX COBRANET-8: Nx CobraNet-8 is a control module designed to add networking and processing functionality to Crest’s Ci™ 20×8 and 20×4 multichannel power amplifiers. Supports all NexSys® and MediaMatrix functions, DSP functions and CobraNet digital audio I/O on a single Cat-5. Extensive suite of DSP options, including loudspeaker management, delay, EQ, compression/limiting and crossover.

DOLBY DP600: The DP600 is the world’s first intelligent file-based audio loudness analysis and correction system. Compatible with many of the most common broadcast media file formats in use today, the DP600 expands upon the award-winning Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter with Dialog Intelligence™. Terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasters now have the ability to automatically normalize the loudness of all of their file-based programming and commercials without impacting the original dynamic range. AES booth #602.

DOLBY LAKE PROCESSOR: This processor provides advanced control and flexibility of complex speaker systems for live events, fixed installations and studio settings. The unit is easy to integrate into any audio system, and the software interface is intuitive, enabling sound engineers to save time in setup and handling. With four front panel Portals and the wireless tablet, engineers have easy access to monitor the system and make adjustments in real time. AES booth #602.

DRAWMER S3: The Drawmer S3 stereo 3-band optical compressor incorporates the very latest in Ivor Drawmer’s designs. The aim from the beginning was to create a “no technical compromise” circuit using only the highest-grade components. The S3 forms the basis of the Signature Series, and offers previously unattainable control and tonality over each of the three bands; gain control at each stage offers precise spectral balancing. It’s truly a mastering-level tube compressor. AES booth #1315.

EAW UX8800: This rackmount digital processor brings EAW’s Gunness Focusing technology to a broad range of existing EAW loudspeaker systems. Gunness Focusing is a unique DSP technology that corrects the sonic problems inherent in conventional compression driver phase plugs, horns and LF driver technology. As a result, Gunness Focusing allows horn-loaded loudspeakers to deliver sonic performance comparable to premium direct-radiating studio monitors, but at the much higher output levels required in SR apps. AES booth #518.

Elysia offers advanced audio production tools with a focus on high-end mastering equipment. Based on longtime experience in developing analog audio circuits, the company’s all-discrete Class-A gear makes a sonic statement in the world of modern signal processing. The Alpha compressor is a sophisticated dynamics tool with unique features such as an integrated M/S matrix, onboard parallel compression, sidechain and audio filters, and additional soft-clip limiters. Made in Germany. AES booth #532.

EMI TG12345 CURVE BENDER: The EMI TG12345 Curve Bender is the ultimate TG EQ issued in celebration of the 75th birthday of Abbey Road Studios. The newest Curve Bender, conceived by Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke and Abbey Road senior engineer Peter Cobbin, has been transformed from the simple EQs of the rich past of EMI and Abbey Road into a modern powerhouse suitable for recording, mixing and mastering. AES booth #532.

EMI TG12413 ZENER LIMITER: The ultimate TG limiter issued in celebration of the 75th birthday of Abbey Road Studios. The Zener Limiter, conceived by designer Wade Goeke, is based on the vintage EMI circuits. This limiter continues the tradition of EMI limiters started in 1954, and borrows from the 1968 RS168 Zener Limiter and the 1969 TG12345 console strip to make a flexible unit for modern-day use. AES booth #532.

EVENTIDE ULTRA-HARMONIZERS: Eventide is showcasing the H7600 Ultra-Harmonizer and the flagship H8000FW 8-channel 24-bit/96kHz processor with FireWire. Also on display are the Eclipse, the DSP4000B+ post processor and Reverb 2016 dedicated reverberator. AES booth #1008.

JOEMEEK MC2: The mc2 is a stereo compressor that features optical compressor with threshold, ratio, attack, release, makeup gain and gain-reduction hold. A stereo-width processor rounds out this new offering. AES booth #1411.

LANGEVIN MINI MASSIVE: A solid-state, stereo, 2-band EQ featuring enhanced versions of the highest and lowest bands of the famous Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ. Hutch’s new “Rapture Amps” perform the makeup-gain duty. Price: $2,800. AES booth #1302.

MEDIAMATRIX NION NX: A programmable digital audio processing node built on the industry’s most efficient audio algorithms, with three floating-point Analog Devices’ SHARC DSPs, dual-module bays, integrated CobraNet port, 48 or 80 simultaneous configurable audio channels, NWare™ Windows-based software interface, Ethernet, configurable GPIO, and RS-232 and RS-422/485 ports.

MERCURY EQP1: The EQP1 adds extra frequencies for more flexibility and uses a new, quiet, stable power supply and DC on the tube heaters. In the original EQP, this inter-stage transformer was always in the signal path. The company adds a transformer I/O switch, providing a choice of two sounds. Booth #1325.

MUSE RESEARCH RECEPTOR: Dedicated hardware plug-in player designed for using virtual instrument or effects processing with minimal latency and maximum performance. Receptor runs popular plug-ins with amazing results. New: a model for recording pros featuring UniWire technology that lets users run plug-ins inside a remote Receptor as if they were operating inside your host computer. AES booth #244.

RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS PORTICO 5014: This revolutionary new module from the design bench of Mr. Rupert Neve expands the boundaries and limitations of traditional 2-channel recording and playback. For mix and mastering engineers, the 5014 stereo field editor allows for control of stereo ambience with width adjustment, position of images forward or backward in the stereo field with depth control, and the ability to further accentuate material panned left or right with its difference channel EQ and insert. AES booth #1306.

SABINE NAVIGATOR EN SERIES: Sabine’s new Navigators are multi-I/O digital system processors with full loudspeaker management, matrix mixing and signal routing capabilities. Remote control from anywhere via Ethernet, and up to 16 units can be controlled simultaneously. Unlimited DSP power, built-in FBX Feedback Exterminator, front panel or software control, and a great price make the Navigators an easy choice. 3×6, 4×8 and 8×8 configurations available.

Provides mastering-grade compression and limiting for tracking and mixing. It is two compressors in series, per channel, that can act in either stereo or dual-mono. Each section can be individually hardwire-bypassed. First comes our mastering-grade electro-optical compressor, followed by discrete Class-A compressor/limiter. Both have switchable sidechain filtering. The output stage features switchable custom output transformers. AES booth #1329.

SSL X-LOGIC RANGE: SSL introduces additions to its X-Logic DAW partner product range. With the introduction of two new modules, a flexible high-quality line-input mixer based on X-Rack can be configured. The new Master Bus and 4-channel input modules enable configurable, multi-input, dual-stereo bus, mini-SSL mixers with Total Recall. The new X-Logic Alpha Channel is a 1U channel strip. AES booth #610.

SPL PASSEQ: The SPL Passeq EQ features 72 passive filters (36 boost, 36 cut per channel). Each channel is divided into three cut and three boost bands, each offering 12 switchable frequencies. The Passeq incorporates a unique inductive filter design using a dedicated coil/condenser/resistor combination. This design ensures the widest possible palette of sonic colors a passive EQ could offer. The Passeq also provides high-cut, low-cut, and low-boost and shelving filters. AES booth #1125.

SUMMIT AUDIO FEQ-50: Summit Audio has launched its FeQ-50 passive 4-band parametric EQ. Using a fully passive LC circuit, the FeQ-50 has tube and solid-state outputs (available simultaneously), +4dB and -10dB I/O, six frequencies per band, ±12 dB of gain and internal power supply in a half-rack chassis. Designed as a sound-sculpting device, the FeQ-50 shapes, colors and warms your signal without phase anomalies inherent in active EQ designs. AES booth #1107.

XTA ELECTRONICS DP 4 SERIES: The DP424 (2×4), DP444 (4×4), DP446 (4×6) and 4×8 DP448 feature 28-band graphic EQ, eight filters and built-in delay. Outputs have polarity switching, high/lowpass filtering, delay, up to nine filters and I/Os, and phase-adjust in 2-degree steps. The crossover offers Bessel/Butterworth/Linkwitz-Reilly filters and up to 48dB/octave roll-off. RMS and Clip/D-max limiters have look-ahead clip limiter attack time. Internal sample rates are up to 96 kHz, with external 192kHz support. AES booth #1206.