Signal Processing, Software


Akai Professional VST Plug-Ins

Akai Professional offers DecaBuddy, QuadComp, PitchRight, Rotator and DC Vocoder, new VST plug-ins. This offering of multipart harmony, pitch correction and mastering tools will be a welcome addition to the serious producer's and musician's effects arsenal. Other new VST plug-ins include a rotating cabinet simulator with graphic mic placement and representation of speaker rotation, as well as a 50-band vocoder that can create vocoder effects even without a carrier signal. MSRP: $149/each.
4710 Mercantile Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76137
817/831-9203; fax 817/222-1490

Antares kantos 1.0

Any audio signal can become striking and/or useful. kantos 1.0 is a software synthesizer with an intuitive, new control paradigm that allows organic, expressive performance, free of the limitations of MIDI and without the requirement of keyboard expertise or complex programming. kantos 1.0 provides a rich environment for experimentation and sonic exploration for the creation of new sounds and stylistic effects. The program's visual UI reinforces its unique melding of the organic and the technological.
231 Technology Circle
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
831/461-7800; fax 831/461-7801

Cycling '74 Pluggo 3

Pluggo 3 is a Mac-only collection of more than 100 plug-ins and synths for RTAS, MAS or VST sequencing or audio editing applications. Ranging from normal to outrageous plug-ins, Pluggo includes audio routing, tempo-based effect synchronization, and virtual MIDI instruments and controllers. You can send audio between plug-ins and between tracks, and let your plug-ins modulate each other to create organically evolving effects environments. Retail: $199.
379A Clementina St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
415/974-1818; fax 415/974-1812

IK Multimedia AmpliTube

AmpliTube is revolutionary news for guitar players, allowing them to simulate the entire guitar array used to craft any guitar tone, including amplifier, stomp boxes and post effects modeling. Platforms include Pro Tools HTDM, RTAS and VST, Mac OS and Windows. Based on must-have modern and vintage amps and effects, 1,260 different amp configurations can be emulated. Includes 10 stomp, amp and post effects. MSRP: $399.
5911 Hickory Dr.
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
561/466-9763; fax 206/666-6534

Mackie UAD-1 Version 2.2

The Mackie UAD-1 consists of a DSP card and a comprehensive package of ultrahigh-quality plug-ins, including RealVerb Pro, the 1176LN and Teletronix LA-2A Vintage Compressors, the Nigel Guitar Processor, Pultec EQ and the CS-1 Channel Strip—all of which were developed by Universal Audio. The CS-1 includes EQ, compression, delay modulation and reflection engine modules. Nigel includes the Pre-flex amp and speaker cabinet modeler, echo, delay modulation, tremolo, modulation filter, compressor/gate and phaser.
16220 Wood-Red Rd. NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
800/258-6883; fax 425/806-6383

McDSP Synthesizer One

The additive, subtractive wavetable, FM and AM-based modular Synthesizer One ($695) can process external audio and combine that with synthesized signals. All oscillator, filter, LFO and envelope signals can be easily routed to multiple modulation targets using a straightforward, logical interface that resembles McDSP's plug-in family line. Also, the company's offering of free Pro Tools | HD updates for McDSP plug-ins now includes 44.1 to 192kHz support. Platforms: Mac, TDM Mix/HD.
Box 50611
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Serato Pitch

Pitch is a completely new software product. Simply put, Pitch allows you to alter the pitch of audio within a track in real time. But Pitch also uniquely offers users the ability to change pitch polyphonically—either using the handy presets or via MIDI control. Incredibly clean and artifact-free multichannel pitch changing is made possible by the same revolutionary technology that powers the multi-award-winning plug-in Pitch "n Time. Pitch will initially be released as an RTAS and HTDM plug-in for Pro Tools.
Box 34903
Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand 1330
(+6) 49/480-2396

Steinberg Nuendo Encoders

Steinberg releases surround encoder plug-ins for Nuendo. The Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder is licensed by Dolby Labs and has all of the features of the original Dolby hardware. It supports encoded bit rates from 56 to 640 kbps, and channel configurations from mono to 5.1-channel surround sound. The DTS-encoding process has also been licensed to Steinberg; encoding is integrated as DTS file format in Nuendo's export dialog, and all necessary routines are automated for ease in encoding. The DTS encoded audio can be saved as a .WAV file to burn a 5.1 mix directly to CD.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Symetrix SymNet Upgrade

New software upgrade incorporates automatic mic mixers with master and slave modules in 4, 8 and 16-channel configurations, as well as room-combining modules for up to 16 rooms—with and without automatic mic mixing. Version 1.2 increases the versatility of SymNet and adds ARC-PS, a single-rackspace power supply for up to 10 ARCs that distribute power and control data via Cat-5 cable through 10 discrete outputs or in daisy-chain combinations. Upgrade is free.
14926 35th Ave. West
Lynnwood, WA 98037
425/787-3222; fax 425/787-3211

TC Works PowerCore Restoration Suite

High-end restoration tools that work with any VST or MAS application on Mac and PC. The DeClicking is based on a new, patented technology that allows you to remove clicks much larger than with common technologies. The DeClipper will reduce artifacts introduced by too heavy use of mastering dynamics processing. MRSP: $999. Included plug-ins: DeScratcher, DeClicker, DeClipper and DeNoiser.

TC Works Assimilator for PowerCore

Assimilator is an extremely powerful fingerprint EQ for PowerCore. It takes the EQ curve of one audio file and applies it to another. By "sampling" the EQ curves of your reference and your target audio, the Assimilator compares the frequency curves of the two files and interpolates between them to generate the ideal curve for the target audio. A Morph mode allows the smooth transition between two different EQ curves. Retail: $249. Assimilator for PowerCore runs on Mac (also OS X) and PC.
52-B Flughafenstrasse
22335 Hamburg, Germany
(+4) 940/531-0830

Waves 360° TDM/HD Surround Toolkit

Take control of your surround mixing in an intuitive and natural way with compliance to industry standards. Easily achieve high localization or enveloping spacialization. 360° of rotation, width, distance panning, reverberation, flexibly linked dynamics, calibration, mixdown and more. Supports Digidesign MIX and HD systems with 96kHz support for all tools. An all-in-one, cost-effective package designed to take your creativity and productivity to a higher level.

Waves Restoration Bundle TDM

The 2002 TEC Award-nominated Restoration Native tools come to the Digidesign Pro Tools system. Restoration TDM supports the same processors, X-Noise, X-Click, X-Crackle and X-Pop. These tools establish a new quality standard for audio restoration and noise reduction. It's fast and incredibly easy to use, providing real-time visual feedback in audio and audio difference. Ideal for music, post-production and forensic applications. Exclusively for Mac Pro Tools | HD. MSRP: $2,600.

Waves Masters Bundle

Masters features Linear Phase technology, which eliminates the phase distortion associated with all common EQ designs, providing a more transparent sound that better preserves the musical balance. Included are: linear EQ; linear multiband, a 5-band independent gain and dynamics (compression, EQ and limiting); the L2 Ultramaximizer, a limiter with ARC (Automatic Gain Control) and IDR with ninth-order filters for pristine quality. MSRP: TDM/HD, $1,800; Native, $900.
306 West Depot Ave., #100
Knoxville, TN 37917
865/546-6115; fax 865/546-8445