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Slate Digital Releases Trigger Platinum Drum Replacement Plug-In

Slate Digital is releasing Trigger Platinum, Steven Slate’s new advanced drum replacement plug-in for Mac and PC in VST, RTAS and Audio Units formats. Trigger Platinum includes all of Slate’s top of the line Steven Slate Drums Platinum Samples along with two kicks and two snares from the upcoming Deluxe edition of his virtual drum software.

Slate Digital states that the Deluxe series was recorded with the utmost precision using advanced miking techniques and state-of-the-art gear. Along with a completely independent Stereo Overhead Layer, they also contain two stereo room mic options.

“First and foremost, Trigger can sample replace drums with complete phase accuracy,” says Steven Slate. “This means that all the samples can line up with the original drum tracks without phasing or flamming. This takes the frustration out of drum replacement and enhancement and allows you to work much quicker on your mix.”

Features include six stereo sample layers per instance of the plug-in. As an example, this allows users to “trigger” a close mic, stereo overhead and stereo room mic set, all from one instance of the plug-in. Each sample layer has its own volume, pan, tune, attack, sustain, dynamic percentage, and velocity controls. It also supports MIDI In/Out and offers a specialized “no-latency live mode,” presets for specific mixing styles, and the inclusion of Slate’s drum sample packs, with room mic samples from NRG Recording.

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