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Smart Loops Releases SL Reference Kit

Smart Loops has released the SL Reference Kit for SoundFont 2.0-compatible software samplers and sound cards. The SL Reference Kit, which is compatible with all major Mac and PC software samplers, includes more than 350 MB of 24-bit drum samples that were performed live on a Pearl Reference Series drum kit by Smart Loops founder Frank Basile, and recorded at Platinum Labs in Nashville. Basile also played a 16-inch Zildjian A Custom Series crash, 16-inch Sabian Explosion crash and 18-inch Zildjian K Series crash/ride.

All SL Reference Kit samples were recorded completely dry, with no processing, EQ or compression. Musicians and producers can customize and tweak SL Reference Kit samples for use with any style of music, using their own effects processing to mix their own sound into the drum tracks. A smaller 16-bit version offers improved compatibility with older SoundFont devices or machines that are low on system resources.

This is the company’s seventh release as part of the SL Sample Set line, which also includes SL Acoustic Kit, SL Trap Kit, SL Thunder Kit, SL Tight Kit, SL Groovy Kit and SL Industrial Kit.

The SL Reference Kit SoundFont Edition drum sample set is available as a download from Smart Loops for the introductory price of $19 until December 31. For more information, visit