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Smart Loops Studio Pack Download Now Available

Smart Loops has released the Smart Loops Studio Pack, a loop library offering more than 2,500 audio loops for creating rock, pop, country, blues, funk and other styles of music, and is available only as a download for an introductory price of $99. Studio Pack is an interchangeable collection of live instrument grooves in various styles and tempos that are designed to provide building blocks for creating backing tracks. It comprises four instrument libraries: Dry Studio Kit, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars and Percussion Kit.

Audio loops and samples are available in ACID and Apple Loops formats, and are performed and organized so that users can mix and match all four instrument libraries interchangeably. Most loops were recorded dry so that users can add their own effects and mix tracks as needed. Most guitar and bass loops are provided at more than one starting pitch, allowing users to choose the loop that is closest to the chord that they need. Lastly, most loops are one measure long and can be used to create two- and four-bar grooves.

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