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Solid State Logic Goes Platinum With AWS 900+

Solid State Logic announced the AWS 900+, which features new control protocols for a wide range of digital audio workstations including Nuendo, SONAR, Digital Performer and Logic. SSL unveiled the AWS 900+ at Musikmsesse (Hall 5.1, Stand D58).

The AWS 900+ builds on SSL’s AWS 900 by providing tighter integration with all popular DAW platforms, enhancements to the displays and meters, and a sleek ‘platinum’ styling.

Using the new control protocols, plug-ins and virtual instruments can now be controlled from the D-Pots and the faders, a hotly requested feature from many workstation users. An enhanced display allows up to six character labels for track/channel names and the console also now features workstation master fader support.

The AWS 900+ provides the dual benefits of a fully featured SuperAnalogue signal path coupled with a comprehensive DAW controller. Key features include SSL’s SuperAnalogue mic pres and signal processing; full monitoring up to 5.1-channel surround sound; direct control of DAW recording, editing and mixing functions; and flexible signal routing.

Additional features include greater bandwidth than 192kHz recorders; twin curve SSL E and G Series 4-band parametric equalization; assignable SSL dynamics section with gate, expander and compressor/limiter; G Series Stereo main mix buss compressor; flexible processing order; balanced circuitry throughout; oxygen-free cable throughout; and metering on all channels and main outputs.

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