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Solid State Logic Launches Live.L300 Console, Version 2.5 Software

SSL Live.L300

Solid State Logic expands its Live console range with the release of the SSL Live.L300 console, as well as a Version 2.5 software release, targeted for applications in touring, installation, houses of worship and theater. Both will be available from November 2014. The L300 will be shown at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles this week in booth #1409.

The L300 is physically smaller than SSL’s L500, and offers up to 568 input/outputs, 128 processing paths (96 full, 32 dry), a 32×36 matrix, 36 VCAs and 48 FX slots. Both consoles can share the same Remote I/O.

V. 2.5 software brings advanced effects optimization and 27 new features and updates to the SSL Live console platform (the L500 and L300). SSL sates that the new effects optimization significantly increases the number of effects instances, which can be deployed simultaneously for many of the onboard Effect types.

The new Follow Mode feature allows the Select, Solo and Query function buttons found on the Live console Fader Tiles to be linked together in any configuration. Each of the three Tile buttons can be programmed to ‘follow’ any of the other buttons on a per channel type basis, allowing input channel, Auxiliary and Stem Group mix bus operation of the buttons to be linked in different user defined ways. The user interface offers fast and customizable setup of the Follow Function.

The Tempo Link feature adds the ability to link and control the Tap Tempo of any delay effects loaded into the L500 and L300’s Effects Racks, allowing up to six independent Tap Tempo functions to be controlled via both the hardware User Buttons and consoles multi-gesture touch screens. Multiple delay effects can be controlled by the same Tap Tempo if the console operator loads those effects into the same rack and enables Tempo Link functions.

The Master Tile User Buttons have now been activated and offer access to the six Tap Tempo functions that are part of the new Effects Rack Tempo Link feature, as well as direct access to four of the most used menus of the Live consoles. The User Buttons now offer direct hardware access to these key functions and can be switched simply between Mute Groups and User Buttons with a single button press. Both sets of functions are also available via the new Home Menu, which is also part of the V. 2.5 feature set.

A new L300 compatible version of SOLSA, SSL’s OffLine Setup Application will also be released alongside V2.5.

Find more information about the SSL Live.L300 console.