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Solid State Logic Releases Console EQ and EACM EQ|1 Plug-Ins

SSL Console EQ

Following the recent acquisition of Sydec Audio Engineering, makers of the Soundscape product line, Solid State Logic (SSL) is showing its continuing support for Soundscape customers with the release of the Console EQ ($375) and EACM EQ|1 ($249) plug-ins for Soundscape’s DSP-based audio workstation platforms. The plug-ins are compatible with Soundscape Red 16/24/32, Soundscape 16/32, Mixpander 5/Mixpander 9 and Mixtreme 192.

The Console EQ’s Equalizer section is a classic, flexible 4-band parametric EQ that includes one EQ based on the SSL G Series and another EQ based on the latest version of SSL’s E Series. The plug-in includes high and low frequency shelving bands (which can be switched to peaking curves) and two overlapping bands with adjustable Q. The Console EQ’s Filter section includes a 12dB/octave lowpass filter and an 18dB/octave highpass filter. The filters can be placed before or after the Equalizer section.


Soundscape EACM plug-ins model the physical circuits of original high-end analog models to bring their sonic characteristics to the Soundscape DSP platform. The Electro Acoustical Coefficient Modelling (EACM) engine was created by German developers Algorithmix GmbH, makers of highly acclaimed algorithms for Mastering EQ’s and Restoration Tools. The Soundscape DSP-based audio workstation platform is said to deliver the processing power required to run multiple instances of these complex 48-bit double-precision algorithms.

The Equalizer section is a classic, flexible 4-band parametric EQ. The plug-in’s tone is based on one of the most acclaimed console EQ sections from the ’80s. The plug-in version includes a numeric setting display.

The Soundscape EACM plug-in family is operated via four systems—M-Touch, Rope-Tune, Quick-Fade and Quick-Type—that combine mouse, keyboard and scroll wheel for hands-on control.

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