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SONiVOX Releases Big Bang—Cinematic Percussion Virtual Instrument

Music software company SONiVOX in Boston announces its latest virtual instrument release, Big Bang—Cinematic Percussion ($299.99) for the Mac (RTA/VST/AU) and PC (RTAS/VST). It features more than 12 Gigabytes of more than 200 instrument presets all designed by SONiVOX’s award winning sound designers to deliver explosive sounding drums and percussion, for use in a cinematic context.

An integral part of Big Bang—Cinematic Percussion is a new technology called Intelligent Rhythm Control, or IRC, which offers real-time rhythm correction for maximizing in-time musical performance. IRC intercepts and adjusts MIDI events as they occur, integrating each note into the host timeline to enable users to create propulsive drum and percussion tracks with fluidity and ease. SONiVOX states that IRC is designed to make it impossible to play out of time.

In Big Bang—Universal Drums, all programs are multi-velocity, and function as multi-take round robin to achieve realism. A MIDI Learn and Save function allows Big Bang—Cinematic Percussion to be compatible with any MIDI controller. It also features an Independent Zone (per-drum) Tempo-Synched Variable Resolution Roll/Retrigger mode, eight user-assignable stereo outputs and eight user-assignable effects buses with onboard EQ and tempo-sync delay.

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