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Sonixphere Underscores the Power of ‘Sound Branding’ at D Event in Chicago

Sonixphere Creative Director Greg Allan

Sonixphere recently hosted A Better View Strategic Consulting LLC’s annual leadership summit, ‘D Event’, which this year focused on the expanding role of sound in brand design. Organized by A Better View President and Founder John Gleason, the invitation-only event was attended by more than two dozen senior design and innovation executives from leading worldwide consumer packaged goods companies including Kimberly Clarke, Pepsico, Wrigley, MillerCoors, Colgate Palmolive, and Texaco.

Sonixphere Creative Director Greg Allan delivered the day-long event’s keynote presentation on the subject of The Power of Sound. That was followed by roundtable discussions. The day culminated in an interactive music demonstration by world renowned percussionist Kalyan Pathak. Pathak, who has performed with such artists as Aretha Franklin and Yo Yo Ma, revealed little-known insights into the legacy of sound and drums, and the significant and often subliminal role they play in communication.

“We always invite a design-related luminary to present the keynote, someone whose innovative work elevates design within his company and raises the bar in the industry,” says Gleason. “Greg and his team offered a modern look at the role of sound in branding, supported by scientific studies and in-house case studies. The interactive drum circle that closed the event was refreshing and inspiring and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“Aside from having fun, attendees enjoyed the creative experience of jamming with Kalyan,” says Allan. “The give and take that they needed to exercise to make the jam session work is similar to the skills they need to be successful in an ad agency or corporate environment. The brand manager, the design guy and shipping guy all have their jobs to do, but the goal is to end up with a great cohesive product.

“Playing percussion in a group requires teamwork: one guy hits a beat, another hits the next beat, and a third plays a counterpart. Each is doing different things while working together and listening to each other.”

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