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Sony Creative Software Debuts ‘Artist Integrated’ Sample Library

Sony Creative Software introduces its Artist Integrated “Quartet” of Sony Sound Series loop libraries with the release of two new Premium Collection tier titles: Parthenon Huxley’s Six-String Orchestra and Matt Fink: Rock & Pop Keyboard Essentials ($99.95 each). The new titles, used in conjunction with the already-shipping Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass ($99.95) and The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops ($59.95), expand on artist integration—an exclusive concept in sample library design that promises sonic excellence and significantly increased workflow speed.

Artist Integrated
library development begins when new music is played over song structures made using existing Artist Integrated catalog titles. Fresh performances are edited and organized into new Artist Integrated logo-bearing titles that each contain 15 flexible song session templates. End users can combine sounds from corresponding sessions across libraries to quickly make new music with believability and depth.

“Music producers have been using our libraries for nearly a decade, but finding great rock titles that work perfectly together has always been a challenge because the rock band approach to making music is so organic in nature,” says Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “The expanding Artist Integrated lineup makes it easier and more fun to make genuine-sounding rock music. Every Artist Integrated title that we release will increase the flexibility of the entire series. The current ‘Quartet’ configuration of libraries actually allows producers to make better-sounding music with unprecedented workflow speed.”

Matt Fink: Rock & Pop Keyboard Essentials
is a Premium Collection tier library created by Prince band veteran Matt Fink, who used his extensive personal collection of vintage and modern gear to generate 1.2 GB of content only available on the title. Created by renowned guitarist and hit songwriter Parthenon Huxley, Six-String Orchestra contains lead and rhythm guitar tracks played through classic, vintage gear that typifies the rock/pop genre.

While the potential of Artist Integrated titles is fully realized when used with their Artist Integrated counterparts, all titles in the “Quartet” can be used just as you would any conventional sample libraries. Formatted as ACIDized WAV, Sony Sound Series libraries are recommended for use within Sony Creative Software’s ACID loop-based music creation software, and other programs that support the WAV file format.

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