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Sony Introduces New MDR-7500 Series Headphones

Sony MDR-7520 headphones

At the Winter NAMM 2011 show in Anaheim, Calif., Sony Electronics expanded its MDR-7500 Series headphones with the MDR-7520 and MDR-7510 studio headphones, and the MDR-7550 in-ear system. Sony states that it engineered the new headphones for strength, comfort and practicality in recording studio and live-sound applications.

Designed to accurately monitor the wide dynamic range and extended frequencies delivered by modern digital audio equipment, the new models in the series are precision-manufactured using the highest-grade materials such as gold-plated Unimatch 3.5mm/6.3mm adaptors.

The MDR-7550 In-Ear Monitors (IEM; $349.99 MSRP) are engineered for musicians to use during live performances. With 16mm dynamic drivers, the MDR-7550 hybrid silicone/rubber earbuds promise a wide dynamic range with accurate sound reproduction, and offer a multi-layer diaphragm and flexible ear hanger.

The MDR-7520 studio headphones ($499.99 MSRP) use ultra-wideband 50mm HD driver units and liquid crystal polymer film diaphragms for improved durability and unparalleled sound quality. The 7520’s noise isolation earpad cushions are said to conform to the natural shape of the ear for comfort and high acoustic isolation. The housing is constructed of a lightweight magnesium alloy designed to increase comfort, reduce fatigue and prevent unnecessary vibration.

Sony MDR-7510 headphones

Sony also recommends the MDR-7510 studio headphones ($149.99 MSRP) for reference monitoring, with 50mm drivers and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) diaphragms for a wide frequency response, broad dynamic range and accurate sound playback. The 7510 model uses neodymium magnets and OFC (oxygen free cooper) voice coils to deliver high-performance.

The company says it plans to ship all models in March 2011. For more information, visit