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Sound Construction & Supply Expands

Sound Construction & Supply in Nashville (SCS) announces that it has released several new products and added to its sales force by bringing in Techrep Marketing and Sonic Sales to handle specific territories in the U.S.

SCS has built technical A/V studio furniture for nearly two decades, offering production lines as well as custom solutions. Its client base includes audio, film and video production companies such as Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros., HBO and Sirius/XM Radio, as well as private and commercial recording studios.

“Fair or not, the initial impression of any facility is made through your eyes,” says Techrep Marketing president Jeff Mac. “Sound Construction furniture is beautiful, functional and an investment that will pay dividends. It showcases your equipment and improves your workflow. We are proud to be working beside Todd and his crew.”

Josh Carruthers of Sonic Sales—which has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle—states, “With the truly innovative desks and racks they are introducing to the market, it is only a matter of time before people start really seeing the difference between them and their competition. This product line fits perfectly with our current line of premium product offerings and I am very excited to represent Sound Construction products.”

Todd Beeten, president and chief architect at Sound Construction and Supply, says that he feels strongly that the company’s selection of reps reflects its commitment to quality. “One thing I have tried to do for the entire 15-year life of this business is always use the highest quality materials in building our furniture. So it mirrored our business philosophy to go get some of the most respected reps in the business to further our brand.”

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