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Sound Mixer Thomas E. Allen Relies on Lectrosonics

Thomas E. Allen Sr. C.A.S. (pictured), a veteran of location sound, credits much of his success to Lectrosonics wireless products.

Thomas E. Allen Sr. C.A.S. (pictured), a veteran of location sound, credits much of his success to Lectrosonics wireless products. Allen has worked as an independent production sound mixer for TV and film for more than 30 years and is an instructor at Full Sail in Orlando, Fla.

Allen has four channels of Lectrosonics UM400 transmitters and UCR411A receivers, plus an additional four channels of M185 transmitters and 185 VHF receivers. He recently completed work on a Morgan Creek feature film titled Sydney White, for which he used every unit.

“Because we had as many as 10 actors speaking on the set, this equipment saved me a tremendous amount of time,” Allen says. “There were simply too many people to attempt miking everything with a fish pole [boom setup]. Even though I was using my early-generation 185 Series gear side by side with my 400 Series equipment, I was able to seamlessly blend all the Lectrosonics units into the mix with my wired mics. I was running 10 audio channels simultaneously and not once did I encounter any RF issues. Without my Lectrosonics equipment, this would have been an impossible task.

“Their products run forever,” Allen continues. “I’ve had virtually no problems with any Lectrosonics equipment—either my own or the school’s. For Sydney, which came up at the last minute, I knew I needed a lot of channels, so I sent my 185s in for checkups, since I hadn’t used them in a while. I wanted them looked over as a precautionary measure because you never know what you’ll encounter on location. The company serviced my equipment and turned them around super fast. I was really appreciative of their customer support—so much so, that I called the company back just to thank them.”

Allen teaches at Full Sail using the school’s three channels of Lectrosonics SM Series transmitters and Venue receiver equipment. “This is a wonderful system, and I plan on adding a similar setup to my own equipment arsenal in the near future. It’s amazing how compact the Venue system is—even with a full six channels.

“I’ve been very impressed with the VR Field version of the Venue system, as the battery operation makes this a self-contained unit that doesn’t depend upon 110 volts AC for operation. When this is linked with the SM transmitters, the system is unbelievable in terms of its compactness, its ability to conceal transmitters, its sound quality, and the ability to mix it with other mics and make it all sound like one. This will be my next major Lectrosonics purchase—no doubt about it!”

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