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Soundcraft Launches Three FX Model Mixers with Built-In Lexicon Effects

Soundcraft announces three new FX model mixers—the FX16ii, EFX and MFX, each featuring 32 legendary Lexicon 24-bit digital effects. The new models use the same AudioDNA processor found in many Lexicon and DigiTech outboard products, including the Lexicon MX500. The consoles also offer a function for storing user settings, three parameter controls, tap tempo and 32 effects presets.

The Soundcraft FX16ii uses the latest 24-bit digital Lexicon effects processor and a new control surface layout. It has 26 inputs, 16 direct outputs, four stereo returns and a rotating connector pod, which allows cables to be connected conveniently behind the rack to save space.

The Soundcraft EFX is a Soundcraft EPM mixer with built-in Lexicon effects. Representing the smallest console in the Soundcraft multipurpose range, the EFX offers a professional solution in a smaller frame size, available in 8- and 12-channel versions. It features Soundcraft’s GB30 mic preamp, designed by Graham Blyth for the GB Series, one aux send and one effects send on each channel.

The Soundcraft MFX is a Soundcraft MPM with built-in Lexicon effects. The MFX has two group buses, two aux sends, one effects send on each channel and two stereo input channels, all offered in three frame sizes: 8, 12 and 20 inputs.

Consoles in the Soundcraft FX range benefit from the latest PCB surface-mount technology. All models can furthermore be rackmounted through optional rack kits.

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