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SoundField DSF-2 Mics Used at Soccer Championships in Greece

The SoundField DSF-2 used for the world audio feed at Athens (above left), positioned high up in the roof of the stadium.

The final of the Soccer Champions’ League on May 23, in which Liverpool and Milan faced one another in the former Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece, was broadcast to an estimated 1.2 billion viewers worldwide. Two SoundField DSF-2 multi-capsule digital microphone systems were rigged in the stadium to provide simultaneous phase-coherent 5.1 and stereo stadium ambience and crowd response for the HD and SD transmissions.

A single world transmission feed, authorized by UEFA and its exclusive media partner, TEAM Audio AG, was used to provide TV broadcasters around the world with SD and HD pitch coverage. On the night of the match, the world audio feed was mixed by Robert Edwards of UK broadcast sound specialists Video Sound Services, assisted by Frank Mosch, the Technical Head of Sound at Belgian company Outside Broadcast NV, which supplied the outside broadcast vehicle and Lawo desk used to mix the feed.

On the night of the final in Athens, Sky Sports had its own DSF-2 mic in the stadium, allowing the company to add further stadium ambience into its transmission of the final. Edwards had also specified a DSF-2 for use in the broadcast of the world audio feed, so there were two DSF-2 mics in the stadium. The mic specified for use on the world feed was placed high up on a gantry hanging from the stadium roof, as illustrated in the top photo.

Video Sound Services’ Robert Edwards

“Because the signals from the DSF-2 are completely phase-coincident, I was able to use its 5.1 and its stereo output simultaneously for the HD and SD sound,” Edwards says. “We also made full use of the fact that the DSF-2 microphone head can be situated several hundred meters from its control box, as the OB vehicle had to be placed some way from where the mic was suspended.”

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