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SoundField ST350 Portable Surround Microphone Now Shipping

LasVegasProAudio, the direct-sell division of TransAudio Group, is now shipping SoundField’s ST350 ($6,700) portable microphone system, which offers SoundField’s unique technology in a miniaturized package powered by AC or batteries. The ST350 is comprised of a lightweight multi-capsule microphone and compact mic pre/control unit that generates surround and stereo simultaneously at balanced line levels.

The new microphone electronics are capable of driving long cable runs, enabling the microphone to be positioned hundreds of yards away from its control unit or alternatively handheld on a short boom.

Control features include high-performance mic pres with discretely switched 6dB gain steps and composite 5-segment LED bar graph for level monitoring. Continuously variable control is offered over the stereo polar patterns from omni through to cardioid to figure-8 with a width control that provides everything from mono to wide image stereo. End fire and invert controls are provided to correct for three-dimensional microphone positioning while still maintaining the correct stereo and surround perspective. Other features include highpass filtering to reduce rumble and wind noise, switchable M/S output and headphone monitoring.

The ST350 can be used in conjunction with the SoundField Surround Zone software to offer a complete recording and post-production package. Surround Zone is now available on the Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo and SADiE platforms.

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