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SoundToys Donates November 5 Online Sales to Storm Relief

SoundToys, a developer of signal-processing software for computer-based audio recording based in Burlington, Vt., announces that on Monday, November 5, 2012, the company is donating 100 percent of its online sales to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. All proceeds on this day will be donated to Team Rubicon, a rapid relief organization already working in both areas to aid the needy. The organization employs skilled veterans to assist in all areas of relief and aid.

“It’s hard to watch the people of New Jersey and New York, the communities we grew up in, the seaside towns we played in, and the city we love, suffer so badly,” says Ken Bogdanowicz, CEO of SoundToys. “We feel that it’s the least we can do—to give one day of our work to help with this monumental relief effort.”

Customers can place an order for any SoundToys product or upgrade on the SoundToys webpage on Monday, November 5, and the company will donate the combined total of sales for the entire day to help the victims of this tragic storm.

SoundToys also asks its customers to consider making a direct donation to Team Rubicon using the SoundToys Storm Relief page.

Find more information about SoundToys’ storm relief efforts.

Visit Team Rubicon at