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South Korea’s MediaCube Purchases Tesseract Loudspeaker Systems

Visioneering Design’s Ron Lagerlof (left) and MediaCube’s Jae Kim.

Visioneering Design of Chatsworth, Calif., which manufactures the Tomlinson Holman Tesseract theater screening room speaker system, recently delivered two complete systems to South Korea. Douglas Greenfield of Dolby Labs’ office in Los Angeles recommended the Tesseract range to Jae Kim of MediaCube, South Korea’s Dolby consultant.

Tesseract systems have been used in major private and commercial screening rooms and re-recording stages since Holman approached Visioneering with the product concept five years ago. More than 60 channels of the three-way, high-definition speaker system have been installed in facilities for Warner Bros. and Revolution Studios in Los Angeles; AR Rahman Studios in Chennai, India; and Megacine in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Tesseract systems were also installed in private facilities for directors James Cameron (Titanic) and Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, The Guardian).

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