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SPARS Announces Success of SPARS Sessions at the H.O.T. Zone

The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) reports that more than 350 people attended the six sessions of SPARS Sessions @ the H.O.T. Zone at the Winter NAMM 2010 show in Anaheim, Calif. The organization states that the response to the SPARS Sessions is indicative of the growth of the independent music market. The SPARS Sessions is a new initiative created by SPARS to assist its members in taking advantage of this expanding market.

SPARS states that the first HOT Zone Sessions were well received by those who attended the seminars as well as the NAMM show. It reports that one participant wrote an e-mail following the opening day of the SPARS Sessions @ the H.O.T. Zone, stating, “Thank you so much for offering a great class today at the NAMM Show! The panel was great. I’m looking forward to more excellent content over the next few days!”

The organization thanks its sponsoring partners, the seminar speakers and panel members, as well as the management and staff of NAMM, for a very successful outing.

Participants included Bob Baker (Buzz Factor), Robert Brock (Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences), Lisa Chamblee-Hampton (Making Music HerStory), Dave Earl (Pyramind), Dave Hampton (The Business of Audio Engineering), Ariel Hyatt (Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR), Michael Laskow (Taxi), Paul Lipson (Pyramind, G.A.N.G.), Chandra Lynn (Glow Marketing), Brian Mazzaferri (of the band I Fight Dragons), Gino Sigismondi (Shure Inc.) and Tony van Veen, (Disc Makers, CD Baby).

SPARS states that it will plan additional SPARS Sessions for the future. Visit SPARS at