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SSL C200 Digital Production Console Meets The Hot Line

The Hot Line (Levallois, Paris) recently acquired Solid State Logic’s C200 digital production console.

The Hot Line (Levallois, Paris) recently acquired Solid State Logic’s C200 digital production console.

The Hot Line, established 20 years ago as a small recording studio, is now a three-studio complex that specializes in audio post-production for film and television projects, commercials and documentaries. It also handles music recording, DVD and CD-Rom production and audio for press events.

The new 32-fader C200 console has been installed in The Hot Line’s Studio A, which is geared up for large 5.1 surround sound projects.

Louis Limpalaer, manager and technical director of the facility, says: “When we moved to our current premises in 2000, we installed an SSL Axiom MT console in Studio A because we wanted a digital desk that offered total automation and total recall, while still offering all the ergonomic benefits of a classic console. SSL was, and still is, the only company building consoles that fit all these criteria and we were very happy with our choice.

“However, times have moved on, and with the C200 we now have the evolution of SSL’s digital console. The desk we have chosen is larger and has a much faster computer, which makes it easier and quicker for us to switch between different projects. The centralized producer board and tft screen give the studio a very modern look and it also offers more analogue and digital inputs, a huge advantage when it comes to linking all our recorders and FX equipment to the desk.

Limpalaer adds that sound quality of the C200 was also a deciding factor. “The C200 gives us much better sound thanks to the new SSL pre amps and DSP processing,” he says. “It is particularly good for big recording sessions, especially when we are mixing in 5.1. Overall, this desk has moved our facility into the future and has made Studio A technologically much better for our engineers and our customers.”

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