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SSL Equipment Used for Webcast of Clive Davis Grammy Party

Solid State Logic MADI/Opti-Coax converter

Advanced Audio Rentals provided the systems for the Clive Davis Grammy party held on February 9, 2008 at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Recording and broadcast engineer Gustavo Borner mixed the show for MSN Music’s live Webcast of the party’s performances, which included the Foo Fighters and Alicia Keys, using two Solid State Logic XLogic Delta Link MADI HD units and two MADI/Opti-Coax converters.

“The SSL Delta Link system was used with a DiGiCo D-5 front-of-house console to provide over 112 channels of Pro Tools playback/recording, as well as a live mix feed to the MSN Music Webcast of the Clive Davis Grammy party,” says Paul Levy, owner of Advanced Audio Rentals. “The SSL units provided seamless and reliable transfer of digital audio between MADI-capable audio components,while significantly reducing the amount of rack gear and cabling needed to make all necessary connections.Reliability and ease of setup and use is critical during a live performance/simulcast such as this.”

Solid State Logic XLogic Delta Link MADI HD unit

Delicate Productions of Camarillo, Calif., was the sound company contracted for the Clive Davis event. “The whole thing worked flawlessly and was transparent, thanks in large part to the SSL equipment,” Borner says. “I understand from MSN Music producer Michael Murphy that the MSN Music Website received over 14 million Web hits before the Grammy show on Sunday. That’s quite amazing.”

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