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Station West Expands with Harrison’s SeriesTwelve Console

Station West, a studio complex in Nashville’s Berry Hill community owned and operated by Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Luke Wooten (pictured), has installed a Harrison SeriesTwelve analog mixing console. After working with fellow producer John Guess, Wooten became interested in the SeriesTwelve.

“I am very happy with the console,” Wooten says. “This console has all the flexibility of a digital console but with that full analog sound. The SeriesTwelve is also the perfect desk for a surround mix room because it easily handles any possible surround format from quad to 7.1.”

Station West was established in 1998 after acquiring Soundscape studios. Since the acquisition, business has continued to flourish, requiring Wooten to expand the recording facility to include a second building located next to Studios A and B. Wooten broke ground on “The West Wing” studio in the Spring of 2004. The analog SeriesTwelve arrived in September 2005.

Since installing the SeriesTwelve, Wooten’s studio has continued to grow and thrive. The SeriesTwelve has been pivotal in producing stereo and 5.1 recordings for artists such as Scotty Emerick, Lee Kernaghan, Tracy Byrd, Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band, Alicia Nugent, Deryl Dodd, Harley Allen and Leslie Satcher. The console is currently being used to record Dierks Bentley’s 2006 CD release.

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