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Steinberg Announces ‘Audio Mastering’ DVD-ROM Tutorial Series

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is offering a complete guide to digital audio mastering in a DVD-ROM tutorial series. The new three-part series ($65 per volume), Audio Mastering, covers almost every aspect of producing a great-sounding professional master, and provides digital audio essentials as well as expert techniques that are supported with practical examples using Steinberg’s WaveLab 6 mastering software.

The tutorial series’ author, Friedemann Tischmeyer, has been working professionally in audio mastering and mixing for more than 15 years. As an engineer for well-known artists and the owner of his own independent mastering facility, Friedemann has also written two published books: Audio Mastering with PC Workstations and Internal Mixing.

Audio Mastering will be available in the second quarter of 2007. For more information, visit