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Steinberg Announces Price Drop for MR816, MR816CSX FireWire Interfaces

Steinberg MR816CSX

Steinberg North America announces that the prices for the MR816X and MR816CSX Advanced Integration DSP Studio FireWire Interfaces have been lowered by $300 on each model. While the products have experienced remarkable success since their introduction in 2008, an increase in efficiency of production allows Steinberg now to adjust the pricing accordingly and pass the benefit on to its valued customers.

The pro-audio MR816 units combine FireWire interfacing with Advanced Integration technology and are the focus of every latency-free recording and monitoring environment, taking full advantage of Steinberg’s renowned Cubase music production system.

Find out more about Steinberg’s MR816X and MR816CSX Advanced Integration DSP Studio FireWire Interfaces.

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