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Steinberg Supports Tascam FW-1884

Steinberg is the latest manufacturer to revise its audio applications to better support Tascam’s FW-1884. Its new support of Mackie Control control surfaces in Cubase and Nuendo allows the FW-1884 to control those applications. MOTU also recently released an updater for Digital Performer that allows it to be used in 18-channel mode. Emagic updated its Logic application for better compatibility with the control surface, and Cakewalk has updated Sonar for better compatibility. Tascam continues to add features to the FW-1884 such as new 1.21 software update that allows the SoftLCD application to be used with the FE-8 fader expander.

Co-designed by Tascam and Frontier Design Group, the FW-1884 turns a Mac or PC into a professional audio workstation with one FireWire cable. With an 18-channel audio interface, eight mic pre’s, 4×4 MIDI interface and flexible editing and mixing control surface, the FW-1884 can be used as a front end for DAW recording workstations.

“For the first time, a musician can purchase one box that turns their home computer into a professional recording, editing and mixing workstation,” commented Jim Mack, division manager for Tascam. “Instead of configuring disparate mic pre’s, computer interfaces, monitor mixers, control surfaces and MIDI interfaces, someone can plug in one FireWire cable and get everything you need to craft professional-sounding audio productions. And with this latest batch of support from some of the top workstation software developers, connecting the FW-1884 to their DAW application just got a lot smoother.”

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