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Steinberg Wavelab 6 Additional Photos

Dig deeper into this audio editing software with additional screen shots.

The Audio Montage environment has been upgraded even further with WaveLab 6, offering new functions such as new fade editing features, batch processing and extended import and export options.

WaveLab 6 offers an advanced new Spectrum Editor with its Sonogram view. This new editing tool allows ultra-fine surgical editing of the audio file’s frequency information, allowing a range of procedures such as removing unwanted noises or frequency ranges.

WaveLab 6 offers a range of new metering and monitoring tools including the Loudness Distribution window and a new Waveform scope display. WaveLab now also supports the K-System metering standard developed by mastering legend Bob Katz.

Audio files in the Audio Montage are shown as “clips.” Each clip is actually a window on either a part or the entire length of an audio file. The selection can be enlarged, reduced or just moved over the audio material (known as sliding). WaveLab 6 now supports the editing of clips over several tracks, making editing of linked tracks in a multichannel project fast and efficient. By pressing the ALT key, changes made to a clip are also made to every selected clip. Any fades already set remain unaffected; volume and pan settings also remain unchanged. A range of grouping functions give a clear overview of the project at all times.