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Stereophonics Drummer Turns to Focusrite Liquid Channel

Stereophonics drummer Javier Weyler (pictured) was working as an assistant engineer at studios in London when he met the rest of the band and was asked to play percussion on their album You Gotta Go There to Come Back. In 2005, Stereophonics asked him to work with them on their latest album, Language. Sex. Violence. Other?. “I started playing along with them and we just clicked,” Weyler says.

Weyler also contributes his engineering expertise to the band. “I’m using a pair of Focusrite Liquid Channels in the studio,” he says. “I came across the Liquid Channel because [engineer] Jim Lowe had one around when we did the album. Then I started looking for a preamp that I could use in all situations, and the more I researched, Liquid Channel became the obvious choice. You can flick between settings so fast that you don’t have to worry about losing the vibe in the studio. It does it all in terms of preamp and compression choices.”

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