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Steve Vai Masters ‘The Story of Light’ at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Steve Vai (left) and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman

Photo: David Goggin

Guitarist, composer, three-time Grammy Award–winner and 2012 TEC Award-winner Steve Vai has mastered his new album, The Story of Light, at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. The album’s 12 songs continue the narrative arc and concept begun on the artist’s acclaimed 2005 album Real Illusions: Reflections, Vai’s most recent solo studio release.

“Bernie has an intuitive ear and he’s still excited about what he listens to,” Vai says. “He still takes great care and he doesn’t brush anything off. That is the sign of a very artistic person—when you can retain your excitement and make your work better and better and better. Every time I come to master, he takes great interest in what he is doing. He’s the best.”

For more information about this project, watch Steve Vai’s interview with veteran music journalist Mr. Bonzai.

The Story of Light is scheduled for release on August 14. Pre-sale orders are available on Vai’s Website at

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