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Superscope Technologies Announces Elevation Software

Superscope Technologies in Geneva, Ill., introduces Elevation software for Mac and PC, which is designed for musicians, students and educators to use in learning, practicing and teaching. Elevation handles the common audio file formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3 and WMA. Its music library lets users import and organize music by music type, title, album or artist with the click of a mouse.

The software allows users to analyze imported audio files, as well play or record along with them. Superscope uses high quality tempo and key control provided by iZotope, a leader in digital signal processing (DSP). This lets users play any file at a different key while preserving the tempo of the original recording, adjust a file’s tempo without affecting the key, loop any section of audio in the Library and slow down or change the key of the loop. It’s possible to create a practice loop (by ear or waveform interface) and save the changes as a new file.

Elevation lets users save loop and DSP settings as a “snapshot” for export as new files or burn them to CD. DSP settings include modifications to Key, Tempo, Fine Tune, Voice Reduction, EQ and Balance. Add performance notes, digital sheet music from scanned images, PDFs, or notation programs into Elevation by simply dragging and dropping files into the Information screen of any file in Elevation.

Users can apply iZotope’s vocal reduction technology to uncompressed CD, AIFF and WAV files and maintain stereo separation. Reduce lead vocals and save as a new recording, or add your own voice or instrument and burn a CD.

Elevation functions as stereo recording software, as well. Elevation transfers 24-bit recordings to CD using iZotope’s precise sample rate conversion (SRC) and MBIT+ psychoacoustic word-length reduction.

For more information, visit or contact [email protected].