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Sweetwater Launches GearGift Donation Program

Sweetwater Sound Inc. in Fort Wayne, Ind., the third-largest music instrument and pro audio retailer in the world, has launched a donation campaign designed to provide music gear and instruments to people of limited means who have a genuine interest in music. Sweetwater regularly receives requests for donations of gear from soldiers overseas, disaster victims, foster parents, and nonprofit organizations.

The donation program, named GearGift, encourages musicians from across the country to donate old instruments and recording and performance equipment. Sweetwater plans to refurbish the donated gear and ensure that it finds a new home with a deserving individual.

Those making donations to the program will be encouraged to designate the kind of recipient—a soldier, a child, a nonprofit, etc. Recipients, in turn, will be asked to respond with a thank you note and a photo or two. These responses will be forwarded to the donor.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack says, “This is just one small way for Sweetwater to give back, and it makes our customers all across the country our partners in that effort.”

GearGift is being promoted primarily through Sweetwater’s Website and e-mail and print publications. For more information, call 800/222-4700, or visit the GearGift page online at: