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Switchcraft Introduces StudioPatch Series Patchbays

Switchcraft introduces StudioPatch Series single-rackspace, hard-wired patchbays for Pro Tools systems. The patchbays feature Switchcraft’s EZ Norm technology, allowing the normaling of each channel to be configured at the front of the bay with the twist of a standard screwdriver. Rotate the cam in between the jack pairs to change the normal configuration from full, to half, to none. The StudioPatch 6425 offers 64 patch points to DB-25 rear terminations; the StudioPatch 9625 offers 96 patch points to DB-25 rear terminations; and the StudioPatch 96DL offers 96 patch points to Cannon DL rear terminations.

StudioPatch Series Patchbays feature 110-ohm AES/EBU digital cabling, bused grounds for phantom power, and nickel-plated TT jacks (96- and 64-point) terminated to either DB-25 or Cannon DL.

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