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Symetrix Extends Product Warranty

Symetrix is offering its customers extended warranty coverage for all of its Symetrix, Lucid and AirTools-branded products. Any Symetrix product purchased during or after October 2008 will receive six additional months of coverage, extending its warranty to a full two years.

“By extending our warranty period from 18 months to two years, we reinforce the confidence we have in the robustness of our designs and our manufacturing process,” says Symetrix’ director of sales, Paul Roberts. “Our products are well-known in the industry not only for their great sound and usability, but also for their reliability and durability. We have very few warranty returns, and we thought it would be wise to communicate that to our customers by extending the warranty period.”

For more information on professional audio products from Symetrix, SymNet, Lucid and AirTools, call 425/778-7728 or visit