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Symetrix Gets Into Podcasting

Podcasting allows users to download and listen to specialized programming developed by individuals or groups on a wide range of topics. Using standard IP tools and the MP3 audio file format, podcasters can upload recorded programs to the Web where interested persons can access them at any time—on demand.

Mark “Jensen” Titterington

While the delivery method is relatively new, the principals behind a good-sounding podcast are as old as commercial broadcasting. And podcasters are turning to the Symetrix 528E Voice Processor, which offers a complete palette of processing tools, including a high-quality microphone preamp, phantom power, de-esser, downward expander, compressor, 3-band parametric equalizer and Voice Symmetry filter. The rear panel offers patch points in the signal path that allow users to change the order of the processing stages or insert outboard effects, giving podcast producers flexibility over their sound.

Tips and how-to guides for podcasting are appearing in trade publications and online to help novice and experienced users alike improve their podcast productions. Sites like Mark “Jensen” Titteringtons’ are partnering with manufacturers, such as Heil Pro, to bring knowledge, advice and equipment reviews to people who want to use their personal studio resources to reach a wider audience. Jensen says, “With podcasting, overnight the rules have changed. Now, anyone with a mic and a computer can become a broadcaster, and people are listening.” He is using his site to help people understand the options and become better at podcasting.

Dan Gallagher, Symetrix executive VP of sales and marketing notes, “This technology really empowers anyone to use the Web to distribute information about technology, leisure activities—really any topic of interest. Symetrix has years of experience in making microphones sound better and is a perfect fit for this new venture.”

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