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Symetrix Launches Online Dealer Locator

Symetrix’ Website now includes a new dealer locator with complete company contact information, designed to enable users to quickly search for companies that carry and install the full range of Symetrix gear, including the Symetrix, SymNet, AirTools and Lucid brands.

Next to the listing of each Symetrix product a new “Buy Now” button that leads visitors to a dealer locator screen. For each product, searches can be done to find integrators or resellers based on city, state and zip code (if in the U.S.), or internationally by country. A mileage radius tool helps to further narrow the U.S. search. The update includes listings for U.S. and international Symetrix product representatives with a point-and-click U.S. map tool for quickly identifying a regional representative.

The Symetrix Dealer Locator page also can be accessed by clicking “Contact Us” from the Website’s main menus.

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