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Tannoy Appoints New Managing Director

Andrzej Sosna, Tannoy’s new managing director, joined the company almost six years ago at its Scottish-based headquarters as sales and marketing director. The company organization and management team was restructured when TC Group bought the TGI group of companies in 2002, and since that time, Sosna has been integral in Tannoy’s recent product successes in his role as product development director.

Commenting on the internal promotion of his successor, current Tannoy managing director and CEO of TC Group, Anders Fauerskov, says, “The appointment of Andrzej to this position will allow me to focus 100 percent on group activities and will also ensure that there is now a dedicated ‘champion’ for all Tannoy matters within the group. With his wealth of experience relating to international sales, distribution, manufacturing processes and marketing knowledge, the choice of Andrzej as my replacement was an obvious and easy one. Andrzej and his enthusiastic team have already been responsible for many recent successful product introductions in the professional, commercial and residential sectors of our market. His efforts have already contributed extensively to Tannoy’s growth, and I am confident that with Andrzej managing the company he will push Tannoy forward with even greater success.”

According to Sosna, “Anders has spent the last few years setting strong new foundations in place across every aspect of our business and we are now in a healthy position for future growth. I am very proud to have the chance to lead Tannoy at this very exciting time for our business.”

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