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Tascam Podcast Editor Software Debuts

Tascam has released its new Tascam Podcast Editor, a free audio editing application intended for producing voice content.

Tascam Podcast Editor
Tascam Podcast Editor

Santa Fe Springs, CA (September 28, 2021)—Tascam has released a new, free application for audio editing—Tascam Podcast Editor.

Intended for the production of voice content such as podcasts, Internet radio, audiobooks and voice logs, it is a standalone application available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and in a future update, Android OS. The Podcast Editor software integrates with Tascam’s Mixcast 4, and supports various functions necessary to publish a program with straightforward, easy operation.

Users can cut and paste voice snippets, record to each track, insert background music and jingles, insert sound effects, and control the level of individual tracks. The software is equipped with multiple ‘voice content export options’ that correspond to the desired application, such as Internet radio, Podcast, and YouTube. Tascam Podcast Editor export files with MP3 and WAV format, but it also has a function to export an image along with audio, aiding users who publish files on YouTube. After exporting the contents, users launch a web browser with the shortcut button of each preferred media hosting site to access the desired upload screen.

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Since the Podcast Editor interfaces with the Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Station, users can record directly without complicated track routing and assignments using the Mixcast 4. Users can read the data recorded on the SD card of the Mixcast 4 by pressing the ‘Read Mixcast File’ button, and others options are also available.

The software supports editing with a maximum of 12 tracks / 20 channels that can be switched between Mono and Stereo. VST-plug-ins are supported, enabling users to utilize available VST plug-ins from their own library in addition to the Mixcast 4’s internal effects library. The Tascam Podcast Editor supports 2Mix, multi-track with WAV, and export with Poly file—enabling one to choose a file format that is easy to use in other editing software. Further, the application is equipped with a ‘Time adjust function’ that enables one to adjust the speed without changing the pitch of the voice, along with an ‘Automatic cleanup tool’ that makes it easy to remove noise and normalize the recorded voice all at once.

The Tascam Podcast Editor does not require a driver when used with the Mixcast 4, though Windows 10, Version 1909 (Fall 2019 Update) or later is required. The Podcast Editor can be downloaded from