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Tascam Ships Gigastudio 3; Distributes Nomad Factory Plug-Ins

Tascam’s GigaStudio™ 3.0 software sampling program is now shipping.

Gigastudio 3

Tascam’s GigaStudio™ 3.0 software sampling program is now shipping. The updated version is a from-the-ground-up rewrite of the original application, with several major enhancements, including an ergonomic UI and the addition of many new features for composers, sound designers and music producers. Gigastudio 3.0 is available in three versions – Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo – and offers up to unlimited polyphony, 96kHz/24-bit sample support, ReWire support, VST FX, and GigaPiano 2, real-time convolution and and more.

Tascam has also announced distribution for Nomad Factory plug-ins in the United States.

Nomad Factory has a line of three plug-in bundles for the computer-based production studio. The Blue Tubes Version 2 bundle recreates the sound of vintage EQs, compressors, phasers, limiters, delays, chorus and more. The Liquid Bundle provides an array of high-quality compressor, chorus, flange, delay and reverb plug-ins. Rock Amp Legends, the latest addition to the Nomad Factory lineup, was co-developed with Jimmy Crespo, guitarist with Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck and attempts to capture the classic rock tone of coveted British and American amplifiers.

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