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TC Electronic Announces New PowerCore Plug-Ins

TC Electronic introduces the limited PowerCore X8 Sonnox Edition ($1,845), a PowerCore X8 bundled with the Sonnox Oxford EQ and Sonnox Oxford Dynamics plug-ins.

PowerCore X8 features eight DSP engines, offering twice the processing power of PowerCore FireWire, and allows a greater number of plug-ins to be used simultaneously with native digital audio workstations. PowerCore X8 comes with 14 included plug-ins as well as PowerCore Version 3 system software, which adds new user interfaces and features to the PowerCore platform.

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TC Electronic Tap Factory plug-in

TC Electronic also announces Tap Factory ($345), a hybrid delay/reverb plug-in that combines multi-tap delay effects with early reflection reverb effects. Tap Factory includes a bonus LE version that enables the user to run multiple instances per DSP on current PowerCore systems, and supports discontinued PowerCore hardware. The company expects to ship Tap Factory at the end of March 2008.

Tap Factory’s combination of delay and reverb effects generates an unusual set of parameters, such as the 3-band parametric EQ with a diffuser capable of simulating the change in sound that occurs when a tap hits a metal or wooden wall. The plug-in offers TC’s delay and reverb algorithms, 24 taps and more than 150 adjustable parameters. It also provides a large selection of adjustable factory presets.

Tap Factory offers nine seconds of delay time and three ways of working with tap tempo, and features a tap pad that can be used either for tapping the tempo or for tapping a specific rhythm into the plug-in. It has crosshair and freehand drawing tools for manipulating different parameters, allowing the user to randomize settings. A panic button quickly mutes unwanted feedback.

The PowerCore platform integrates with virtually any VST, Audio Units or RTAS based digital audio workstation for Mac or PC.

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