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TC Electronic PowerCore Express Now Shipping

TC Electronic announced that its new PowerCore Express ($1,495), the PCIe version of the company’s PowerCore DSP engine, is now shipping. PowerCore Express was designed to allow users of PCIe-equipped PCs and Macs to access PowerCore plug-ins from TC Electronic and other developers such as Sony Oxford, Novation, Access and Noveltech.

PowerCore Express ships with the same 14 plug-ins as PowerCore PCI mkII, including two types of reverb, multiple compressors, chorus/delay, parametric EQ, a synth and a guitar amp simulator. TC Electronic will continue to offer the existing PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Unplugged versions, ensuring compatibility with all PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express-equipped computers.

PowerCore is the open platform DSP engine for professional signal processing for Mac and PC that integrates with any VST or Audio Units host application. Optional plug-ins are available from TC and a growing number of third party developers. The PowerCore platform consists of PowerCore PCI mkII, PowerCore Unplugged, PowerCore PCI Express, PowerCore Compact and PowerCore FireWire.

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