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TC Electronic Releases C300 Dual Engine Dynamics Processor

TC Electronic is shipping the new C300 ($249) compressor/limiter/gate/expander for live and studio applications. The rack-mount, dual engine processor features analog and digital I/O. Both engines can run in compression/limiter or gate/expander mode.

Its 16 compression/limiter presets and 16 gate/expander presets are source-based, giving the user starting points for executing complex compression with the flick of a switch. The C300 is a match for both stereo and mono sources. Its flexible routing provides all combinations of parallel and serial link modes, and the stereo serial mode allows the user to process a composite signal on both engines simultaneously.

The C300 is designed for P.A. and recording setups, fixed installations and DJ systems. Based on years of dynamics research, C300 uses TC’s spectral compression in a user-friendly, preset-based structure. C300 employs cutting-edge expansion and intelligent TC full-band and multiband gating and compression algorithms, allowing audio material to be effectively compressed without reducing the overall signal level when exceeding the threshold.

The unit also includes TC’s new parallel compression mode, which makes it possible to mix a compressed signal with the dry signal using a single knob. This allows the user to emphasize low-level detail and bring out expression and character in vocals and other acoustic sources.

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