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TC Electronic System 6000 Integrator Plug-In

TC Electronic in Risskov, Denmark, announces the launch of a complete integration solution for its System 6000 for music, film and post-production. The company’s System 6000 Integrator plug-in allows users to save and reload the complete settings of their System 6000 as part of virtually any DAW or NLE project by using the Ethernet connection that is already there.

System 6000 Integrator is priced at $499, but will be available for $299 as an introductory offer until September 1, 2014. TC Electronic is also offering a free 14-day trial for all System 6000 users.

TC Electronic states that through standard automation it is also possible to automate preset changes during playback, which means that users are able to get more out of the four processing engines of System 6000 than before. For instance, one engine may apply subtle 8-channel reverb in one scene and DXP dynamics processing or UnWrap HD in the next.

Based on the Ethernet protocol, multiple System 6000s may be detected and used on the same network, allowing users to take advantage of powerful communication lines between a DAW/NLE and one or more System 6000 mainframes/TC Icon remote hardware or software.

The System 6000 Integrator supports the AAX, RTAS, VST and Audio Unit formats, covering all major DAWs and NLEs. To use the plug-in, users will need an iLok account, but can choose whether to store the plug-in license on an iLok USB key or directly on a computer.

Visit TC Electronic’s System 600 Integrator Web page.

To purchase System 600 Integrator, visit the TC Electronic Store.