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TC-Helicon Harmony4 for Pro Tools HD Now Shipping

TC-Helicon announces that its Harmony4 plug-in for Pro Tools HD ($995) is now shipping. Harmony4 can generate one- to four-part harmonies, fatten existing vocal tracks and create special effects. The Pro Tools HD version of Harmony4 supports Universal Binary, Windows XP and Digidesign’s VENUE.

The TC-Helicon harmony algorithms in Harmony4 are also available in VoicePro, VoiceLive and VoiceWorks. Up to four virtual singers with individual gender, vibrato, dynamic levels and various humanization controls can be created from a single vocal track. Harmony4’s humanization features include pitch detection and Hybrid Shifting algorithms. Its interface simplifies choosing harmony parts in several ways, from automatic scale-based harmony that intelligently follows melismatic singing, to MIDI note control, allowing any possible melody to compliment the lead vocal.

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