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TC-Helicon VoiceDoubler Now Offers In-Ear Presets

TC-Helicon has released a software update for its VoiceDoubler software. Version 1.2 features new factory presets, including three in-ear monitoring presets. The new in-ear monitoring presets use micro pitch and time shifts to put the voice in a stereo field, helping to eliminate the cranial resonance of a singer’s direct voice that tends to sound unpleasant. Moreover, the new software includes improved emulations of classic doubling presets.

Editable control has been added for the effect gate as well as portamento, which further humanizes the pitch curve of the overdub voices. The improvements and special attention paid to presets in the latest version of VoiceDoubler allow for more human effects as well as more exacting replications of popular doubling and detune sounds.

VoiceDoubler V. 1.2 is available as a free download at under “Latest Software.”