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Tech: New Products, April 2010

Mix magazine April 2010 tools of the trade article features new pro audio products in April Mix magazine pro audio product section

SPL RackPack 4, De-Esser
Sound Performance Lab has released a new four-module rack system and a dual-band de-esser module. RackPack 4 (pictured) is a compact and portable frame that loads and powers up to four SPL RackPack modules. The unit features sturdy rubber feet and a handle for tabletop use or it can be mounted in a 19-inch rackspace. The new Dual-Band De-Esser module reduces sibilance through sophisticated phase cancellation rather than compression. Its two independent stages target low and high bands, and also automatically adjust input signals so processing is uniform regardless of the distance between source and microphone (Prices TBA).

Sonifex RB-DD4 Digital Audio Delay
The RB-DD4 ($1,897) from Sonifex lets users delay four mono channels of audio independently or together. Each channel delay is user-selectable from multiples of common video frame rates or a user-defined value set via the serial interface. The unit is perfect for synchronizing audio to video that’s been delayed by processing latency.

Lawo Version 4.8 Software
A new interface for its mc2 Series and the Nova73 HD systems, the Lawo ( Version 4.8 software (available as a free upgrade) allows for even faster and more flexible workflow. Features include a new channel display, offering additional color and textural information for the VCA and Link displays. Users can also interconnect any number of channels via link groups that are linkable with different modules, such as fader, mute or EQ. A color and name can then be assigned to each group for easy and quick visual referencing. In addition, temporary links of multiple channels can be created using the Couple function, allowing for the quick adjustment of all of the grouped channels’ parameters.

Audio Precision APx Upgrade
Audio Precision upgrades the capabilities of its APx Series audio analyzer with the BW52 ultrahigh-bandwidth 1MHz FFT option and new Version 2.5 software. The BW52 ($2,500; or as part of the Analog Performance bundle, $3,000) delivers testing bandwidth from DC to 1 MHz at 24-bit resolution when measuring out-of-band noise in Class-D amps, sigma-delta converters and other audio devices. The APx update adds custom reporting options for automatic direct export of APx test and measurement data into customizable Word documents; the ability to stream Dolby TrueHD lossless audio compression format through the APx HDMI option; and WAV file analysis for testing a digital recorder/PC soundcard.

CEDAR’s DNS One ($3,750 retail) is the company’s first software-based dialog noise-suppression plug-in available in RTAS format for Pro Tools HD and LE (Mac OS X and Windows). It offers the same audio quality and performance as CEDAR’s DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000. A DNS Control System GUI lets users control as many instances of DNS One as the user’s host system can support, plus up to 126 instances of DNS2000 and DNS3000. It is fully integrated with Pro Tools’ automation and hardware control surfaces, such as the ICON, D-Control and D-Command.

Fostex FM-4 Location Mixer
The LFM-4 ($3,299) 4-channel portable audio mixer from Fostex ( is designed specifically for EFP, broadcast, and on-location TV and film applications. Each of the four balanced XLR inputs accept mic or line-level inputs, and feature 12T and phantom power, preamps designed with custom transformers, and switchable high-shelving and mid sweep EQ. High-resolution OLED meters offer VU and peak-level indication, battery level, and selectable stereo and mono modes. Multiple output options include sub outs, tape output and aux outputs with channel select. The main outputs can also provide up to four post-fader channel direct outs.

Blue Sky BMC MKIII Bass-Mangement Controller
The BMC MKIII ($1,195) stand-alone bass-management controller from Blue Sky has been upgraded with a new remote offering additional LED indicators and controls, an Input Solo mode that lets users solo multiple channels simultaneously and an additional LFE fine-adjust trim range of ±2 dB. For film use, the BMC’s -3dB film surround offset drops input level of left/right surround channels. Users can also turn off bass management for surround channels, limiting their response to 80 Hz, and switch between four renameable/customizable presets, including Standard Blue Sky LFE +10, Film Surround -3 dB, 6-Channel Volume Control and Film + Small Surround.

Rain Computers ION Studio
The ION Studio rackmount digital audio/video workstation from Rain features an Intel “Nehalem” Xeon quad-core processor, up to 16 GB of memory and up to 6 TB of storage. ION is big on I/O, featuring five FireWire ports, five PCIe slots, a PCI-X slot, two PS/2 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet port, an eSATA port, eight channels of HD audio and 10 USB 2 ports. There is a StormDrive dual-layer CD/DVD Writer that’s upgradable to Blu-ray, as well as an option for a built-in Solid State Drive (SSD). Prices start at $2,499.