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TechBreakfast Announces Tony Shepperd’s ‘R&B Master Series II’

TechBreakfast debuts the second video in its acclaimed instructional Master Series, featuring renowned producer/engineer Tony Shepperd (Elton John, Whitney Houston, Kenny Loggins) and multi-talented R&B artist Shelea Frazier. Master Series II takes an in-depth approach on how to mix for R&B. Filmed entirely in high definition video, Master Series II is available in download form, on a custom USB card, and on Blu-Ray disk.

Master Series I was really priming the pump for the remaining series”, explains Tony Shepperd. “Everyone told us they wanted us to pick some genres and dive deep, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. If you want to know how to mix for R&B, this is a complete front-to-back dissection of everything you need to know.”

Master Series II: R&B offers more than three hours of in-depth mixing details as well as interviews with Shelea Frazier and the other performers who created the stellar R&B track “Never Thought I’d Say It.”

Frazier says, “I wish this series had been around when I started my career! How you approach R&B as an artist is something that I’ve picked up by working with a lot of different people. In Master Series II, Tony and I got to condense our collective experience in production and performance down into something I’m really happy with.”

Master Series II contains the entire Pro Tools 8 session with all tracks and Shepperd’s mix. The song and production are world class, and offer a unique instructional product. Shepperd’s informal style is easy to follow and builds the mix from the ground up.

“We paid particular attention to the video and audio quality of Master Series II,” explains producer Jeff Markham (Tech Breakfast). “One of the ironies about many of the audio instructional product on the market is how poor the video and audio quality is. We wanted to raise the bar by using high-definition video and audio to make sure the viewer can see exactly what’s going on and hear the subtleties in the mix. From all the feedback we’ve had, we have achieved our goal.”

In addition to Pro Tools 8, sessions for Cubase, Logic, SONAR and Reaper will be rolling out over the next two months.

“We want to make sure everybody can follow along no matter what software you’re using,” says Shepperd. “Getting professional results is all about how you approach the material. You can get great mixes on any DAW product; we wanted to demonstrate that with Master Series II.”

Master Series II is available for purchase in download, Blu-ray and USB card form at Bonus video material is available for free at