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Technomad Complies with RoHS for European Sales

Technomad Associates LLC, a Boston-based manufacturer of weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, announced that it has altered its manufacturing process to ensure RoHS compliance for sales into the European Union. The complete Technomad product range is now RoHS-compliant, including Technomad IP56-rated weatherproof loudspeakers, the Schedulon automatic MP3 player and recording system, and the company’s PowerChiton Series of networkable, weatherproof powered amplifiers.

To comply, Technomad has switched to using RoHS-compliant driver and network components inside its loudspeakers, and eliminated the use of lead within the soldering process. The European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) dictates all electronic components and assemblies sold into Europe must restrict the use of six materials, including lead.

The announcement comes on the heels of Technomad’s switch to recycled plastic within its loudspeaker manufacturing process, part of the company’s ongoing “green” initiative in an effort to reduce waste.

“Technomad is consistently seeking new ways to be more environmentally friendly,” says Rodger Von Kries, vice president of Technomad. “We continue to make changes to our manufacturing processes when appropriate, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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