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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur relies on ADAM Audio monitors and the ADAM S3H

The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur (T.A.M.) in Berlin was founded by designer Michael Krusch. Initially building audio equipment for his home studio, where he recorded his wife‘s music, he began by building clones of valve-tube-based audio equipment. He was eventually minded to start making his own designs since, as he pointed out: “I felt it was boring to simply build things which already existed.“

After a while his acquaintances became interested in his inventions, so he started seriously using his passion for developing audio gear to then turn it into a professional concern producing equipment forr musicians and audio engineers. His products are still based on valve tube-circuits, designed to enrich and to colour the incoming audio signal organically. The beating heart of his products is of course, analogue, but some, like his Schwerkraftmaschine-compressor, may be controlled digitally.

Together with his two colleagues Michael assembles their products by hand in Germany in Berlins northern lakeside Tegel district. Their compressors, equalizers, summing machines, and so on are then checked not simply by measuring and rigourous quality controls, but also by listening to them and assessing their functions with authentic musical input.

Particularly for this crucial musical input assessment, the T.A.M. requires extremely reliable monitoring-speakers. These monitors must possess both precision and musicality which Michael found within the ADAM product range. He chose a variety, or ensemble if you will, of ADAM Audios speakers. A friend of his had introduced him to the Adam range and, after a listening-session, he was very excited and was convinced that Adam speakers could fulfill the complex task required of them at TAM.

He added: „All of our products are checked and tested using our ADAM speakers,“ Michael emphasizes. „But aside from the ADAM speakers performing their primary task well, they are also simply fun to listen to!“ In other words Micheal doesn‘t only use them to analyse his products, but also to enjoy music for the sake of music which, in the end, is what really counts!

The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur currently works with ADAM S3H, A3X and A7X.

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