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Telefunken To Debut AK-47 MkII Mic at Summer NAMM

At Summer NAMM 2010 in Nashville (June 18-20), Telefunken Elektroakustik will introduce its new MkII version of the R-F-T AK-47. Featuring a dual-sided, gold-sputtered capsule and a NOS (New Old Stock) Telefunken EF-732 vacuum tube, the new AK-47 MkII includes a transformer upgrade to the historic BV8 found in the U47 and U48 microphone classics of the past.

Telefunken Elektroakustik states that it has conducted extensive research into the historic design and transformer-manufacturing source for its BV8 output transformers. These BV8 transformers are then meticulously manufactured to exact historic specifications dictated by Telefunken’s extensive library of historic technical documents.

Through continued research, the AK-47 MkII’s new amplifier is said to better employ the extended low frequency capabilities of the original 1950s transformer design. Additional modifications have introduced premium quality components into the circuit layout in order to take full advantage of the extended frequency response capabilities.

According to Telefunken, careful attention has been paid to current management using wide, direct traces and large ground planes within the amplifier in order to increase low frequency articulation, and lower the noise floor of the tube amplifier for better overall detail.

Comprised of a dedicated power supply with remote polar pattern control, elastic-suspended clasping shock-mount and wooden case, the AK-47 MkII system will be available for less than $2,000.

Visit Telefunken at Summer NAMM in Nashville, in booth #213.

To learn more about Telefunken Elektroakustik, visit